Monday, November 10, 2003  

Let the Games Begin

So today officially starts the offseason circus. The offseason that could do 1 of 2 things for loyal cub fans. It can either get us so juiced that we wet our pants about a potential world series title or it can be business as usual for an organization which is quickly approaching 100 years without a title. Everything that I have been reading seems to suggest two things. 1)The offseason signings will not come fast and furious because no one has any money to spend. This is fine with me because it could mean that players salaries are finally going to start coming down a little. 2)The Cub's acquisitions will be minor, fill in the holes type moves. This makes me mad and I hope to God that people are wrong about this. No matter what, I trust Jim Hendry. I trust that he has been put in this position because he knows what he is doing. If he had not gone out and did what he did to get us to the post season I would be worried, but because of this last year I have faith. No matter what, look at a few things. He was able to pawn Todd Hundley and get two starters out of the Dodgers for him. Granted they may only be starters for us one year, it was sure nice having them instead of Hundley. Also, he made a spectacular trade to get Ramirez and Lofton. We needed those guys and he may have shored up our Achilles heel for a little while. Lastly, he brought in a respectable manager. Now I agree that Dusty seems to use his pitchers too much, but he brings a winning attitude to this team. That is something we haven't had in quite awhile. Even when we made the playoffs in 98, we didn't actually expect to win. This year, we expected to beat the Braves and Marlins.

All in all, what I am trying to get to is that I trust the Cubs this offseason. While we may not get Vlad or Pudge or Tejada, I trust we will make good smart moves to get this team back next year.

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