Friday, November 28, 2003  

Not much to report since that Lee trade. I love the offseason but I hate all the waiting each day. I wish there was one move each day. There ought to be a deadline like there is in the regular season. That way all the moves would come all at once.

Well, now that we have first base covered for the year, we still need to get some things on our shopping list. I know everyone says we need to upgrade our bullpen, but I don't know that you have to pay closer type money to do it. If you look at Houston, one name that comes to mind is Lidge. He was great this year and he makes next to nothing. Lets give our guys like Mitre and Wellmeyer a chance. If for some reason they don't work out, you can always get bullpen help during the season. Give the kids a chance and spend the money on guys that play everyday. This is what we need to do. There are one of two paths. Path 1 is to trade Sosa to someone like Balt. Who are desperate for a player to market and bring fans to the park. What better thing to market then a happy go lucky right fielder who in chasing Hank Aaron? We give them Sosa and use his money to go after Vlad.

Path 2 would be to stick with Sosa and add one more bat to our lineup. We can either go after a SS or a C. I think we should go after Tejada and not Pudge because Tejada is younger and would probably be cheaper than Pudge because of the playoff stats Pudge just put up. Also, there are a couple decent SS that seem to be on the market so the value of Tejada decreases. When we sign Pudge or Tejada, we stick with the status quo on the other position. Which means we either ride out Gonzo's contract or Miller's. Either way, neither is that bad. Both have their positives. Miller handles a pitching staff well and seemed to field his position very well. He couldn't hit very well, but we got 5 outs away with him so it should be the same deal this year. Gonzo fields great and gets timely hits, but made a horrible error when it mattered most and has a super low batting average.

I think either path we choose will definitely help our lineup tremendously. From there, we add a # 5 starter and sign Grudzielanek for cheap. I think we could convince him that we would win the series and that he needs to be a part of it. He may take a small deal since he is a veteran. As much as I want Castillo, I just don't think we could afford him. Actually, let me rephrase that. I just don't think the organization without testicles will spend the money to get him. Who cares if it means buying the world series. We're entitled to one before we die. Store bought or home grown, it doesn't matter to me.

On a side note, I am going to be adding a little flavor to this site in the form of a game. Each time I post, I will put a quote from a movie or a tagline from a movie. It's your job to guess what movie it is from, without scouring the internet just to get it. Sound good? Here is the first one. We'll start kind of easy. Just post your guess in the comments section.

As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a gangster. ~ Tagline from what movie?

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