Tuesday, December 30, 2003  
Battle of the Blogs

You've heard of battle of the bands, but have you ever heard of battle of the Blogs? Because of the lack of Cubs news lately as well as me being sick and bored out of my mind, I have started a competition. We are going to have my readers vote for their favorite blog from my links. The only exception to this is it will be excluding my blog (for obvious reasons) and The Cubs Reporter, because it is by far too superior. In fact, it is so superior that I can't even seem to score a link from his site.

So here is how it works. I have broken 30 blogs, all of which are found in my Cubs Blog Army links, into 3 separate polls of 10 blogs each. The polls are set for random so it should change when you come to the site again. Please vote in all 3 if you can. The top 3 vote getters in each poll will advance to the Finals which will decide the best Cubs Blog. Please promote your site if you want on my comments section or on your site. Campain for votes. To the winner, I will post an interview with them on my site promoting their Cub's blog and their reasons for writing. Good Luck Everyone!!!!

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