Wednesday, December 10, 2003  

I wake up this morning and just happen to check the news on yahoo. I always check in the morning, mostly just to see some late scores from the night before. Anyways, I saw the headline that said the Cubs are close to a deal for Rodriguez. Well because of all the hoopla about A-Rod being traded and the Cub's need for a SS. I just assumed it was more BS rumors about how the Cubs are going to get A-Rod. I all but crapped my pants (which would have been bad because I just got clean in the shower) when I read that the Cubs are close to a deal with not A-Rod, but PUDGE!!!! Holy Crap!!! I had pretty much given up on that idea when we got Lee and the Braves didn't offer Lopez arbitration. I just assumed they were going to get Pudge to replace Javy. Anyways, I got to thinking about what our lineup would look like if we got Pudge. This is what I would pencil in if I were Dusty

1. Grudzielanek - 2B
2. Patterson - CF
3. Sosa - RF
4. Pudge - C
5. Lee - 1b
6. Alou - LF
7. A-Ram - 3b
8. A. Gonzalez - SS
9. Pitcher Slot

That's not bad at all. I would be afraid of the Cubs with that lineup and the pitching staff they have. My god, for the first time ever, we may actually be predicted to win the World Series. It's days like this when I am glad to be a Cub's fan. There are reports that say this deal could happen within a week and some that say a month. I think if Pudge isn't going anywhere right away, let him sit a while and let his price tag drop a little. If they would be in danger of losing out, sign him and fill the rest of our spots with kids. World Series in 2004!!!!

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