Wednesday, December 03, 2003  

So here I am back from a horrible defeat for the Fighting Illini in Greensboro, NC last night. It was a late night but I am back to make my comments on the Cub's news. Yesterday we signed Hawkins. I like this move but I am sticking to my idea that we should not add anymore stupid bullpen guys. I'm sorry but a guy who will give us 60 innings is not as valuable as a hitter or a starting pitcher. Hendry, use the rest of your money on a catcher, OF, and 2b PLEASE!!!!

Anyways, I think that through all of this offseason we as Cub's fans have lost perspective a little bit. This team was very good last year. It is not the normal type of offseason we are used to having. We are used to having to gut the team and try to add enough over the hill losers to trick the fans into believing we will do well. This year everyone has a World Series in their sights. Don't get me wrong, that is definitely a good thing but it is important to remember that we do not have to gut this team, which means the Sloth's complaint that Lee was the big move is not right. We have a team that doesn't really NEED a bunch of huge moves. Just some smart GM work to evaluate talent and bring in guys that can get the job done like Grudz and Karros did last year. We're close.

As I was in the shower yesterday, I got to thinking about our team. It's pretty sad that I can't even enjoy a good, hot shower without thinking Cub's baseball. I think I might need counseling. Anyways, I was thinking about what I will call inflation for this year. Our team was good last year but because they are one year older, the inflation factor sets in. Players may not do as well as last year, players may have had career years, injuries, etc. Those thoughts started to get me very depressed because I started to think of our two main offensive weapons last year (Sosa and Alou) and realize they fall into the year older factor, especially Alou. However, then I started to think about the "Get better with maturity" factor. The factor that shows that young players will continue to develop and get better. It brightened my mood when I thought of the players we have to fit in this category. We have Wood, Prior, Zambrano, Clement, Patterson, Ramirez, and Farnsworth (if he finally shows some closing brilliance). That began to get me happy again. My point in all of this rambling is that it is important to look at this team and compare it to the team of last year that got us so close.

Sosa and Alou will deflate a little but our kids will pick up the slack because they too are a year older and wiser having been so close last year. Also, we have added a few pieces. Lee is better at 1b, so right there, we're better. Hawkins, helps the pen and they guys we lost or don't resign are not big losses. If we can add a nice 2B or Pudge or Lopez maybe at Catcher, we will be pretty good in my opinion. I don't know that we even need a 5th starter. Give Wellmeyer or Cruz another chance if it means we bring in talent that plays everyday.

Have faith Cub's fans!!! We have a GM that seems to have a clue and seems committed to making smart moves and pulling triggers on deals when necessary. Have faith that he will get this team ready to go for next year.

On a side note, there are a few links that I will be adding to my site as soon as this semester is through next week. So for people like fork, your link is coming.

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