Tuesday, December 16, 2003  

So today we acquired ourselves a catcher. Jim Hendry made a move today to bring Michael Barrett to Chicago. This is not really the move I was looking for but what can you do? I guess Hendry sees something we do not, because to me, this move is very unusual. Why when you have 2 catchers on your team who hit in the .220 range would you go out and get a third? Maybe Hendry had a little too much egg nog before Christmas even started. I could understand this myself. I love me some eggnog. It only comes around during the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays and when it does, I go crazy on it. I am convinced Mr. Hendry has this same problem. He simply had too much last night, was dealing with some delusions today and decided that we needed a 3rd bad catcher. What kills me the most is that we may not even be able to keep Barrett. He could be a non tender casualty come Sunday. Why not just wait until he was non tendered and pick him up for free? I just don't know about this. What do you all think?

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