Thursday, December 18, 2003  

Welcome Kent Merker and Todd Hollandsworth. For some reason. I'm not really even sure why, I have always liked both of these guys, especially Hollandsworth. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that they are the pieces that will put us over the edge, but at least we added two guys that I think can help us. I think Hollandsworth is capable of doing some things this year. This guy was supposed to be a great player and just never really panned out. Maybe Wrigley field and Dusty's magic will get him going. It worked for Alou. No matter what, both of these guys are on one year contracts so the worst that could happen is that they suck and we get rid of them after this year. I really think both are going to do alright though. Hollandsworth will be better than O'Leary, and Merker has got to be better than someone in our pen last year.

In other news, I have read on The Big Red C that he just wants something to happen with A-Rod. I agree!!! Just wake me up when it does because I am so sick of this rumor crap. Just do something already so this is not one of the first headlines on PTI everyday. It's crowding up one of my favorite shows. Also, I was cruising some blogs this morning and read my buddy Eric's White Sox Blog. It is funny to see how little the Sox fans have to be happy about. Check it out.

That's about it for tonight. No one has been leaving me any comments lately. It could be because they have been broken a little bit lately. They're working now so show me some love people. Also, this is the last day for the LOOK CLOSER tagline. Get it today or I'm giving you all the answer. Peace!!

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