Thursday, January 15, 2004  
Average Joe & Update

According to the Daily Herald, the Cubs and Joe Borowski are reportedly nearing a deal that would pay last years closer in the neighborhood of 2 million dollars for 1 year. I am happy about this because I think Borowski was a vital part of last years team. That's not to say he never made me nervous in the ninth inning, or that he never made a mistake. He pitched the best he could and as a result, finished 6th in the National League in Saves. Not bad for a guy that was out of baseball for a while and wasn't a closer until El Pulpo went down. This one year deal thing is what makes me wonder. I have to believe that the Cubs have only committed to Borowski for one year because of the Latroy Hawkins signing. Then, after this year, put Latroy in the closers role. I really hope that isn't the plan, but I think it may be. I would hope that they have seen the damage that Latroy can do as a closer. He is a great setup man, not closer. That's why the Twins had Guardado closing for them. If this is the Cubs plan, they should have pursued Guardado. Cross your fingers and hope that Hawkins is not the closer in 2005 when we are trying to be repeat champions.

We are up to 3 in our sign ups for fantasy baseball keeper league. Please leave me a comment if you're interested. It is going to be a great year. Also, if you are reading this site and you haven't already done so, please take 2 minutes and place your pin on the map in my links. Just click the part that says place your pin, tell where you're from and if you have a blog or website, please list it.

Update ~ I swear not two minutes after I posted this, I checked the Cubs site and saw that Borowski has been signed for two years. So, that makes me feel a little better. At least they have given him what he deserves.

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