Tuesday, January 13, 2004  
The Blog of the Year, Maddux, Vlad, etc.

This whole Best Blog competition is really starting to crack me up. I check my site each day to see how the voting is going. I must say, I never really expected this much of a turnout at the polls. The finalists are actually campaigning for votes on their sites as well as friends sites. It just makes me laugh. I really look forward to interviewing the winner and posting the interview. At this rate, we may have more registered voters turn out than the U.S. does for the presidential elections. So, I am taking this opportunity to copyright the idea for the Best Cubs Blog Competition. I will be the official host of Best Cubs Blog 2004 next January. Hopefully we will have even more additions by then to the Cubs Blog Army. I am going to close the Polls at 5pm Eastern Time on Friday. So, keep on campaigning for votes. It looks to be a 3 horse race, but the Sloth could be a dark horse if he tries. It should be fun these next 3 days.

So, I have not commented really on the two major things that have happened in baseball of the past few days. So, I will take this opportunity to do that. I love the Vlad signing by the Angels for this reason. Vlad is one of my keepers in Yahoo Fantasy Baseball and I am happy that he is going to be in a great lineup. I was really surprised that Anaheim came up with money out of nowhere. That was a real shock, because I was convinced that Vlad was heading to Baltimore. Anyways, back to Fantasy Baseball, I want to get a fantasy baseball keeper league in Yahoo with members or readers of the Cubs Blog Army. If you are interested, please leave me a comment and I will get in touch with you. It would be head to head with playoffs. I think it would be a lot of fun.

The Roger Clemens signing pissed me off because unlike Rob (aka - The Uncouth Sloth), I do not believe Clemens is done. I still believe he has a lot in the tank. I was actually surprised that Houston only got him to sign a one year deal. I wonder if that was more the Astros choice or Clemens choice. I set the over under for Clemens win total in 2004 at 14. I think he is more than capable of doing that. This signing definitely hurts the Cubs, unless they make a counter move. CubsTalk had this to say. According to them, the Cubs must sign Maddux to just keep pace. I don't agree with that. Prior/Wood is better than Clemens/Pettite. I really believe that. Both are going to have to come into the National league and get used to new ballparks and new hitters. That is not an easy task, especially when both are looked at as the finishing pieces to the puzzle for the Astros. I am not saying that Maddux is a bad signing, but I don't feel we NEED it to keep pace. I would rather see us go and get Pudge. It should be an interesting weekend, because the Cubs have made a bold move on their Website. All stories that are posted on the Cubs official site obviously must be endorsed by the team. They have officially posted that they are pursuing Maddux. This is a bold move for an organization that is still feeling the ripples of letting him go the first time. To make it public now and not go out and get him would be a huge slap in the face again. I really wish they would not have announced that. Keep it quiet until it happens!!!!

Anyways, in closing, it is not a do or die must sign situation, but a counter move certainly wouldn't hurt!!!! Don't forget to let me know if you want in for a Fantasy Baseball League. I am looking for like 11 people plus myself.

Tagline: They needed a second chance to finish first (Name that movie)

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