Wednesday, January 07, 2004  
Cubs Talk

One of the sites that I check a lot for stories and news on the Cubs is Cubs Talk. All that site is though is a bunch of Cub fans who have taken it upon themselves to become "columnists" covering the Cubs. Isn't that what we as the Cubs Blog Army is doing? I think it is. So, I would like to see if we could get hooked up with Cub's talk and see if we could get some representation on their site and maybe eventually with the Cubs Official site. I think if MLB is trying to get the fans interested and boost interest in baseball in general, one of the good ideas is to value quality fans. Fans that stick with their teams and know baseball. Fans who go to the game and even if they do not keep score, know how. Fans that have been with their team through the good times or bad. To me, that is what the Army is about. We're just a bunch of quality fans who want nothing more than to see our team win that dumb looking trophy with all the flags. I would like to see Cubs blogging and blogging in general begin to get noticed a little more.

We all have our favorite blogs that we read. There are a number of reasons why they are our favorite. For some of the sites, we like them because they offer us a lot of good information relatively quickly and painlessly. Others, seem to have sarcasms or brutal honesty laced in their writing. Whatever the reason, each author or writer brings their own unique flair to their site and that is what makes it good. Maybe I'm just babbling but I think we have a lot of quality writers with some quality things to say. There should be some way to make those words heard by more than our loyal blog army readers.

On a side note ~ I have added some new links to some good blogs written by the enemy. I have tried to pick ones that have good things to say and also update fairly regularly so give them a look. Also, I would like to welcome two new additions to my Cubs Blog Army links. Welcome to North of Wrigley Field & Cubs Rants

~Update~ 4:02pm Apparently, according to Fanball, the Diamondbacks signed Todd Walker, not the Cubs. What idiots!!!!! Check out the link and look down in the second basemen section!!!

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