Wednesday, January 14, 2004  
Maddux II & a Random Brewers Thought

The Cubs have officially made Greg Maddux an offer. It is reportedly a two year deal work between 14 & 15 million dollars. So, basically 7-7.5 million a year. Maddux and Boras have been asking for two years and 20 million. So, it's about 3 million short a year. The offer was made on Tuesday so we may see a decision sometime in the next day. I am sure Jim Hendry would love nothing more than to announce to the Cub fans at the convention this weekend that Maddux has come home. If this doesn't work out, I have to think that the Cubs need to offer Pudge a contract. If we can find 15 million over 2 years for Maddux, then wouldn't that same money also be available for a Catcher? I would think so. So, it should be an interesting next week or so. At least the Cubs realize that they need to try to get even better because of the recent Astros moves. I have to say that it is kind of weird thinking about Spring Training and hearing World Series being mentioned. We are so used to hearing the words "question mark" being mentioned. "The Cubs have a question mark at third." or other such phrases are all we are used to hearing. Thank God it is changing this year. It is so sweet that the Sox fans are the ones mad about their team not spending money. I love it.

So not too long ago I added some links to my site to other team's blogs. Well I was nosing around the Brewers Blog and noticed a funny post on there. It is entitled "Has is come to this?" Apparently the Brewers have come to the conclusion that the Cub fans are a vital part of their attendance and they are planning on trying to encourage Chicago residents to make the drive to Milwaukee to see some baseball. This really pisses this guy off because he is tired of seeing us pack the ballpark over there. I love it. I love going to other teams parks and cheering on the Cubs. I have been to Comisky, Turner Field, Miller Park, and the old County Stadium. Each time, there have been loads of Cub fans and it is so nice when they win. If you've never been a visiting fan, make the trip sometime. You will really enjoy it.

In closing, I am really wanting to get a fantasy baseball league together, so if you are interested, please leave me a comment with your name, and then e-mail address as well as your blog address if you have one. I want 12 teams, right now we have 2. It is me and Mike from Cub's Pundit.

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