Monday, February 16, 2004  
The Evil Empire Strikes Back

Pretty cheesy title huh? But I just couldn't resist. As you have all heard by now, the Yankees have traded Soriano and a player to be named later for A-Rod. What a way to stick it to the Red Sox. I got a kick out of The Bambino's Curse's take on it. I don't really care that much about this trade. A-Rod is awesome, but Soriano is no slouch himself. This leaves the Yankees with a hole at 2nd base. Maybe they would like to take Mark Grudzielanek off our hands. That sure would be nice because I am not looking forward to him and Walker splitting time. I really hope that is not what Dusty has in mind. Give one guy the job and let the other guy be a bench guy. Anyways, sorry about the lack of posts but like I have said before, I have just not had the time. I am working hard to get a second Head to Head Keeper league going for Baseball on yahoo. I have 8 people for the second league so I am looking for like 4 more. If you are interested, please leave me a comment on my site. For those of you who are already in, as soon as Yahoo opens the registration, our leagues will be registered and I will be sending out invitation e-mails. Until then, keep being patient and hope for Maddux.

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