Friday, February 20, 2004  
Here are my thoughts on this issue

Recently, The Clark & Addison Chronicle posted a "Comprehensive" Cub's blog reaction to the Greg Maddux signing. It has sparked some controversy due to the absence of Rob's (aka The Uncouth Sloth) opinion. This absence has sparked a big argument by the readers of the Cub's Blog Army and I would like to weigh in on my opinions.

First, I link to a lot of people on my site. Some of them write a Cub's Blog, some write about other teams, and some links are for good sites. Because this is MY site, I have chosen what sites I would like to link to. I have looked at all these sites and of course I have my favorites. I personally really enjoy reading The Big Red C, Forklift, & The Northside Lounge. None of these writers have asked me to link to them. I have chosen to. When I first started writing my site, I wanted to get my opinions out to as many readers as possible so I went out and asked as many writers as possible if they could link to my site. Because it was THEIR site, THEY could make the decision whether or not they wanted to. I try to maintain and link to sites that are interesting and who's writers write fairly often.

Sloth is very upset at the fact that Jason does not link to his site. I sympathize with the sloth in the sense that it hurts when your opinion is not represented. Everyone likes to be heard. However, because Jason does not enjoy reading obscene language, he has chosen not to link to the sloth. Now this does not mean that Rob never has good things to say. It simply means that because of the cursing, Jason does not want to send his readers there. In my opinion, a good writer is someone who does not need to curse in their posts/articles. I look at great media people and they are not allowed to use those words to get their anger across. To me, as a blog writer, I feel like we are media people as well. Even though we are not paid and not widely known, because we are still on the internet we qualify as media. I am not saying that Sloth can't swear in his posts, that is fine because it is HIS blog. But if someone who does not appreciate that language chooses not to link to you, it does not mean they don't care what you have to say. It simply means they do not like the way you say it. Tell me what you think.

Also, I am still taking names for Fantasy Keeper baseball. Leave a comment with your e-mail if you're interested!!!!!

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