Thursday, February 26, 2004  
Random Stuff I'm thinking about

I am home from school today because of snow. It's an annual leave day and I am bored to death. I have been sitting in bed watching Cold Pizza on ESPN. I've never really watched this show before. It's kind of boring, but better than watching the same sportscenter 5 times in a row. I really wish my cable provider offered me ESPN News. Oh well, what can you do? Anyways, I am not really sure where this post will go, but I have a feeling it will be long. I'm just in the mood to write for some reason.

It looks as if I will be making some changes to the site in the next weeks or so. I am looking to add another writer to help me with posting more consistently. It seems to work for the Northside Lounge, so why not try it? I e-mailed a buddy of mine who lives in Wisconsin and he said that he was interested. Now it is just a matter of getting things ironed out. Hopefully, it will make the site more fun. I am also trying to find some people who could help me with a new look for the site. There have been some new looks to some of the sites in my links. I am growing tired of the way mine looks. I am definitely going to be adding a View From The Bleachers logo soon.

Lately all the buzz has been about players coming into camp looking "thinner". Everyone has now jumped on the idea that those players must have been on steroids. Why? Just because they look like they have lost some weight? For one, some players like to slim down in the offseason. Two, the random tests last year revealed that only 5-7 % of baseball players tested positive for steroid use. The way I see it, out of roughly 750 players in the Majors, that means about 53 players tested positive. It just seems to me that all of those players would not be big stars. I am not saying that there are not big stars that do steroids, but more often than not, I would think that the majority of the users are those guys who need a leg up to get noticed or have that career year around contract time. So, what I think the fans and the media should do is keep their mouths shut about who they think uses and who doesn't until it's actually proven. It does nothing but bring negative press to a sport that is finally winning back some fans. We don't need to have any negative. Keep you mouths shut people unless you have more proof than just two stupid pictures. Idiots!!!!

Apparently the Cubs are close to locking up Kerry Wood to a long term deal. I am happy to see this. Now they need to nail down Lee and I will feel really good about this offseason. A lot of people are critical about this years team saying it might not even make the playoffs. I feel like we have upgraded a lot. I think Todd Walker was a huge addition that is going very much untalked about. There is no way that he will be a bench warmer this year. I really think that if Gonzalez screws up, Grudzielanek will be moved to short and Walker will be at second. I really believe the Cubs can get to the World Series this year.

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