Friday, March 12, 2004  
Cubs Win! 1out of 3 :)

This years baseball videogames are coming to the retail shelf, so i was inclined to check out EAs MVP Baseball 2004(fun game btw). I started playing and got through a few games with good success and thought that i would see how the Cubs would fair in 3 simulated seasons. So after a couples hours of simulating and checking out the stats for the simulated 2004 seasons, heres what i came up with.

Season 1: There wasnt anything good that came out of this season really, one word to describe it "PATHETIC" lol it was just bad. Cubs went into the all-star break 41-46......not terrible, but not great.
They had no all-stars. No Sosa, Wood,or Prior.
So on we go to the end without delay......Final Record: 82-80 Above 500 but 17 games back of Houston and 6 back of the wild card spot. Sosa was 10th in Mvp voting and Wood finished 2nd in Ks with 211.....but those were the only notables. Fitting end to an up and down season.

Season 2: I started this one a little worried, because of the previous season, but to my enjoyment the Cubs were 48-39 by the all-star break and Sosa and Ramirez were going to the game as starters :)
So i eagerly simed to the end of the year to see what will happen......Final record: 89-73 tied for first with the dreaded Astros. They needed a one game playoff to decide who was NL Central king....Cubs won 4-3.
So here we are with the Cubs in the playoffs against Montreal???? They took em out 3games to 2 while in the AL the Redsox are trying to get to the big one themselves against Tex. Bring on Houston in round 2.....not even close 4-0 Cubs, were going to the World Series! Meanwhile Boston fell to Seattle.
The World Series was a nail biter.....but through it all CUB WIN!!!! 4-3 and Corey Patterson wins the MVP. Other notables: Sosa 3rd in Season Mvp voting, Wood with 199k finishes 8th in Cy young voting with Prior 9th.

Season 3: After seeing the Cubs win, i was happy to start the 3rd and see if they could do it again.
All-star break:51-36 even better than last year, with Sosa,Borowski, and Walker making the all-star team.
The Cubs cruised to take the division with a 91-71 record, 6 games over Milwaukee.
Lee was 9th in the MVP voting, Prior 4th in Cy young, Remlinger 10 in Cy young.
Onto the playoffs! The Cubbys had SF as their 1st round opponent and took em down in Cub fashion 3-2. But round 2 would not fair so well for the lovable losers, San Diego in a fluke won the series 4-2. Soo close but no cigar this year. Meanwhile Boston beat the Yankees 4-1 to get into the World Series in which they dominated 4-0 to be crowned the champs.

So in conclusion if this simulation proves anything, (forgeting the first season).......the Cubs should be posed for a good year, and dare i say a late playoff or worldseries appearance?
Anyway i had fun messing around with this and hope you enjoy the read :)

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