Wednesday, April 21, 2004  
The Bat Is Back

Yes, there is a relationship to the Elton John song. "I entertain by picking brains": The hitters have picked Gary Matthew's brain to the tune of 6.47 runs per game. That's good hitting for the northsiders. The K's have been down, and Corey, with his 5 hit day, may have figured out what "take a pitch" means. The Bullpen worries me still, especially that Borowski guy. However, if we score 7 runs per game, I think we can win 70% of the games we play.
Also good news. Prior threw 50+ pitches off a mound today, and will likely begin throwing to batters in extended Spring Training next week. Looks like a rehab assignment in a week or two, and then the ace could be wearing the Cubbie uniform again on the field by mid-May. Oh, how that would be nice.
On a related note, the Cubs seem to be on a team roll that they never got on last year. Hopefully, if people continue hitting, we can shop Clement and get something for the SS pos...or not.

Hopeful lineup later in the Year

2B- Todd Walker
SS- Alex Gonzalez
RF- Sammy Sosa
CF- Corey Patterson
LF- Moises Alou
1B- Derrek Lee
3B- Aramis Ramirez
C- Michael Barret
P- Mark Prior


Bako (does anyone else think we should see what we can get for this guy?)



Starting Rotation

Kerry Wood
Greg Maddux
Mark Prior
Carlos Zambrano
Matt Clement/Angel Guzman

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