Monday, April 19, 2004  
Cubs bust out the whoopin sticks

This is the Cubs I want to see. They have their starting pitcher come out and get a quality start. Then the offense gets the job done to support them. This team is starting to come together. I think we are just going to come out and pound the Pirates. I am going to predict that we get a 3 game sweep of the Pirates and the Mets. You heard it here first. Mark it down and take it to Vegas.

I was able to see the whole game today after I got home from work. I was a little nervous when Clement started out so shaky. We can't afford for him to be shaky. He needs to be solid for us while we are having some pitching difficulties. Clement did what he needed to do though and proceeded to get ground ball after ground ball out. He held his own against the powerful left-handed bats in the lineup, something he normally has trouble doing, and even added a hit of his own into the mix. Good job Matt!!!

Player of the Game
Ramirez is who impressed me the most today though. He played a great thirdbase today. I was particularly pleased with the great stab he made to save a base hit while ranging to his left. Not only did he field the ball, but he made a perfect throw to retire the hitter. He also did his job with the bat, hitting a towering Homerun that gave the Cubs some breathing room, and then later adding a triple and a walk. Not a bad day at the plate either.

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