Thursday, April 08, 2004  
The Cubs go back to back.......with losses!!!

Well the series with Cincinnati does not go as planned. The Cubs drop 2 out of 3 and now heard out to face the Braves in Atlanta. I think a lot of Cub fans are very disappointed by this latest loss. All I have been hearing is the Cubs are swinging too early in the count, they're not seeing enough pitches, etc. Well, I think that WAS true today, but not in the other two games. Now before you go arguing on that point, let me present you with some numbers to back up my case. I took a look at the Cubs avg # of pitches per batter in the last 3 games.

Series against the Reds
Game 1 - Cubs saw an average of 3.6 pitches per plate appearance (W 7-4)
Game 2 - Cubs saw an average of 3.68 pitchers per plate appearance (L 3-1)
Game 3 - Cubs saw an average of 3.1 pitches per plate appearance (L 5-3)

Al's Ramblings makes the point along with the other Cubs writers that seeing pitches leads to high offensive production. However, I am not sure that you can blame all of the troubles the Cubs are having on not taking pitches. When the Cubs had the highest total on this stat so far, they scored 1 lousy run off a Homerun. My problem with the past few games is the lack of clutch hitting in the two losses. We are leaving guys in scoring position, which is something we did not do in game 1. That's what I noticed mainly in this game.

I think the Cubs bats will wake up when they get to Atlanta. It's a big series and the Cubs seem to hit well at Turner Field. They are 4-0 when I am in attendance, which I will be for tomorrow's game. So, here's hoping they run my record to 5-0.

Player of the game today: Sammy Sosa is the man today for going 3-4 with a HR, 2 doubles, 3 RBI's and a Run scored. Not a bad days work.

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