Wednesday, April 21, 2004  
Pirates come back for seconds

Cubs - 12 vs. Pirates - 1

So I guess one time wasn't enough for the poor buckos. They decided that a second helping of butt kicking would be nice. So, the Cubs happily opened up another can for them. I wasn't able to see the game tonight because it wasn't on WGN, but I was listening on MLB radio. I knew it was over when we got the first inning over with. We just couldn't stop. At one point, I actually thought we may go through the order twice in one inning. That would have ruled. I am sure some other team has done it in the past, but I have never seen it.

I did feel bad for Josh Fogg. He just got rocked. The poor guy didn't even get a batter out. Nothing will kill your ERA more than that. His ERA has skyrocketed to 17.00. On top of all that, he has to wait 5 days before another shot. That's gotta suck.

The Cubs have just been plain awesome and it is gonna just keep on getting better. 4 more wins to come for my prediction to come true. I have no worries about this season at all.

Player of the Game

Can it really be anyone other than Corey Patterson? The guy had 5 hits in one game. That's just awesome. I think that will be a huge lift for him. He's now hitting over .300 and hopefully will continue the hot hitting.

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