Friday, April 02, 2004  
Prior reacts to steroid accusation

Thursday Jack McDowell (former Cy Young Award winnner for the White Sox) told Sporting News Radio that he thinks the reason for Priors slow recovery from his tendon injury is steroid related.
He has a tendon injury that's not healing," McDowell said. "You shouldn't have a problem like that that doesn't heal in a month. That's what happens to guys who use steroids."
McDowell claimed he wasnt "suspicious" of Prior using steroids, "but that's one of the tell-tale things. What happens with steroids is the muscles get too strong for the tendons. You have a lot of tendon blowouts or tendinitis that doesn't heal."

Prior reacted by telling "Do I look like I'm on steroids? "That's the first I heard. Was he serious? I guess the best thing I can say is obviously I'm not, I don't know why he would say that."
"I never met the guy, I don't know the guy," he added. I don't know if he's got a beef with me because I went to (USC) and he went to Stanford. That's about the worst thing I've ever heard. It doesn't even make any sense."
"That's just a stupid comment," Prior said. "I could understand if he was making a joke but if he's dead serious, that's just stupid. I don't know why anyone would make a blanket statement like that, not knowing me, never having played with me. It's just ignorant."

Baker commented on the accusations as well telling "How can you just say that?" "That's pitiful. I have no comment to that other than that's pitiful."

So really wtf is this about, out of nowhere Jack McDowell comes out accusing Prior of using steroids.....Any Cub fan would like to think the guy just fell off his rocker, but it kinda made me think. No one has any idea who and how many players take or have taken steroids, and its wrong to point out any single player (like Bonds).
Anyway it was no buisness of McDowell to say anything, and i think people bringing up Brady Andersons 50 HR. season and speculating on Prior are just plain idiotic, if there wasnt enough problems surrounding the steroid debate, these guys have to open there mouths and stir up more controversy.

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