Thursday, April 29, 2004  
Southpaw Swap

The Cubs acquired Jon Connolly from Detroit in exchange for Felix Sanchez.

At first I thought they traded Jesus Sanchez and I was dancing the Marimba. I thought Hendry had polished a turd and traded it for a big fat gold nugget. The fact that they gave up Felix Sanchez made me explore it further. Looks like they traded big fat gold nugget-like objects which could still turn out to be pyrite. They're both young lefties who were highly regarded in their systems.
Sanchez is 22, Connolly is 20.
Ted Nye ranks Sanchez #369 (#15 on the Cubs' list). He puts Connolly at 116 overall, 3rd on the Tigers' list.
TigersCentral has this to say of Connolly:
"Great Control. Led all minors in ERA (in 2003, 1.41)...can't break glass with his fastball...more like Jamie Moyer than Jamie Walker."

He K'd 104 in 166 innings in '03, 50 in 85 1/3 in '02, both A ball.
After looking at all that I'd say we made a lateral move. Younger, but with lower strikeout numbers, and minor league K numbers are a pretty good indication of whether a guy's going to have success in the majors. If he improves his K rate this year, I will make a smiley face. If the numbers go down, I will make a sad face.

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