Tuesday, April 06, 2004  
Subway: Eat Fresh

These days all the rage is "low carbs" or "eat healthy". Does that apply to animals too? Apparently so, according to a deer in High Point, NC who busted through a local Subway restaurant last Saturday night. The incident took place around 9:20pm and took only a matter of minutes. However, the damage left to the store, employees, and customers could last a lifetime. The View From the Bleachers, always looking to bring the very best news stories, caught up with a few of the people involved in the incident. The night manager on duty, Laura, had this to say "I thought it was going to jump over the sneezeguard and attack us. It was foaming at the mouth like it had rabies or something." Customers in the store at the time just sat staring with bulging eyes and screaming. The whole store was in a fit of confusion. Store manager and musician Stephen Corbett had this to say "at first, we thought it was a fat lady throwing a brick through the window, since we got rid of the 3 footlongs for $10.99 deal." The local newspaper also showed up to report the story.

In the end, the deer ran around the store a few times and then scurried out the hole it made in the window when entering. No one was hurt physically, except the deer who was hit by a car after leaving the store, but the mental scars will linger for years. We wish the people involved all the best. Our prayers are with you.

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