Monday, April 12, 2004  
Throw this one out

Normally I would write a whole big analysis about what the Cubs are doing wrong, but this game disgusted me. This is not the team I watched in October last year. Maddux looked awful for two starts in a row. He has just be un-Maddux like with the control. I take confidence in that fact that this was how he started last season for Atlanta and people were calling for his head. However, once he settled in, it went nuts down the stretch and was unhittable. I think it will be the same this year. I expect about 2 or 3 more bad to average starts before we get the Maddux we paid for.

This team is also not hitting. I am not as worried about this as other writers are. I really think this team WILL hit, but is just starting a little slow. I'm not worried about Lee, or Alou, or the team in general. If you remember, this team was under .500 in July last year and did what it takes down the stretch. We just need to get the bats going and the wins will begin to pile up. Stay strong Cub fans.

Player of the Game

Normally I put the picture of the player who was voted player of the game at the beginning of the post. I honestly do not feel anyone should be. I would rather vote for Bill Murray for making me laugh when the Cubs were getting killed. However, for the sake of the pick to click game, your player of the game today is Sammy Sosa.

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