Saturday, April 10, 2004  
Understatement of the Year

I watched the game on TBS last night (WGN is only offered in the premium cable package here, and I'm thousands of dollars in debt). Ryne Sandberg was in the booth for 14 out of the 15 innings. Let me start by saying he's my favorite player of all time, but he was always a bad interview. Lots of "and, um"s and "ah"s surrounding cliches. But last night, in the tenth inning after Patterson popped up a first-pitch bunt and Sosa grounded to short on the first pitch, he said, "I'd like to see them work the count a little bit."
Tell that to Dusty, Ryno. And while you're at it, what does your old teammate Gary Matthews, he of the career .361 OBP and 103 BB in 1984, have to say about that? Isn't he the hitting coach? Is anyone listening to him or is he just playing yes man to Dusty?

Also, the Braves announcers said something funny about their new reliever, Antonio Alfonseca: "He had some problems in Chicago." Maybe Leo Mazzone figured something out. Maybe he got his sixth finger amputated. Or, maybe while El Pulpo was a Cub they forgot to scout him, making him a complete mystery to Cubs hitters.

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