Sunday, May 02, 2004  
Conversation with Matt Clement

After the Cubs 4-2 win over the Cards on Saturday night, I had an opportunity to interview Matt Clement, who got his 4th win of the year. This is how it went down.

The View From The Bleachers: Matt, my name is Joe Aiello, I am a writer for The View From The Bleachers. Would you mind doing a quick interview?

Clement: Never heard of you, but right now I am on such a natural high, I would talk to anyone.

TVFTB: Alright, I'll take that as a yes. First off, congratulations on winning your fourth game of the year and bringing your record to 4-1.

Clement: Thank You. I couldn't have done it without my beard.

TVFTB: Good, I'm glad you brought that up, because I wanted to ask you about that beard of yours. I'll be blunt with you Matt. It's Ugly!! Have you thought about losing it?

Clement: Never!!! It is the reason I pitch well.

TVFTB: Are you saying that it has powers of it's own?

Clement: Yep, I'm a modern day Samson. With the beard, I can rip apart powerful lineups with my bear hands. Without it, I am as weak as a kitten.

TVFTB: I'm not buying on this one buddy. You had that shag carpet of a chin last year and all you did was go 14-12 with an ERA over 4. So what gives? Why have you been so dominant this year as opposed to previous years?

Clement: Alright, I shoot straight with you. The fact of the matter is that the Cubs have hurt my feelings.

TVFTB: How so? Did Hendry call you Abe Lincoln or something? Did Dusty talk about your mom? Who did what to hurt your feelings and why is it causing you to pitch like Cy Young this year?

Clement: The whole Cubs organization and it's fans have hurt my feelings. They always talk about our pitching rotation and never seem to mention me with the likes of our other young pitchers like Prior, Woody, and Z. I am not that much older than them yet I don't seem to make anyone's list. After this year, I am a free agent. Have the Cubs called me to negotiate? No!!! Not once!!!! They are content with letting me walk after this year and use some of their prospects in the minors.

TVFTB: So you want to stay here?

Clement: Heck yeah I wanna stay here. Who wouldn't? The town is great, the park is great, this team is great, the fans are great. Everything about this team is great. I wanna stay here forever.

TVFTB: So you think the Cubs plans are bad?

Clement: Yes, for this reason. By pinning all your hopes on an Angel and a Brownie is just absurd. Neither of them are proven Major League starters and I am. Simple as that. I've got a job. I've got prospects. I'm bonafide, what are they?

TVFTB: Matt I hear where you're coming from and I want to tell you how I feel. Right now our rotation is one of the strongest in baseball and by keeping you, it would mean that it would stay that way. I think the Cubs need to negotiate and extension for you and then if Guzman and Brownlie pan out, great. If not, we still have 4 rock solid studs in our rotation. I'm on your bandwagon buddy. I wanna see you stay and I will be singing your praises all throughout the year. Thanks for the interview.

Clement: No problem.

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