Wednesday, May 19, 2004  
Cubs catch a break

I am pretty confident that if Barry Bonds, who I hate with a passion, would have been playing in that game tonight the Cubs would have lost. Luckily we caught the Giants at a good time and probably won't have to face him tomorrow. As I was watching the game in the late innings with my wife, I said to her when Corey Patterson was up and ahead 2-0 in the count, "He will strike out. I promise you that." What did he do? Strike out of course. Everywhere I read or listen to now is starting to lower their bar a little for Corey Patterson. For the longest time, all I used to read is that Corey Patterson is going to be this unbelievable ballplayer. When is it going to happen? All I see is a kid with a horrible sense of the strike zone. Here are my "bold predictions for Corey Patterson."

Corey Patterson will never do the following:

  • Hit 30 HR's in a season
  • Hit .300 in a season
  • Draw 100 walks in a season
  • Strike out less than 100 times in a 550 AB season
  • Win a World Series

As most of you know, I personally HATE Corey Patterson. I have never liked him for some reason, even when he was a highly touted prospect. Something about him has always bugged me. So there you have my list of things he will never do. You may have noticed that the last one was win a World Series. If the Cubs win it this year, Patterson will not be on the team. You watch and see. Give me my props when it happens.

On a more cheerful note, one of the new things that Dave and I have decided to do instead of posting the Player of the Game's stats for the night, is to post a made up funny quote by them. Hopefully it will be something you enjoy.

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