Sunday, May 16, 2004  
Friday Five on Sunday and some other stuff

Ok, I was washing laundry today and I thought of something new for the site. Every Friday, I will be posting a new "top 5" list. This list will range in topics from baseball to movies to whatever is on my mind at the time. Each Friday I would also like everyone to post their top 5 for that particular topic.

Because I just thought of this, you get your first installment on Monday. My top 5 current Major League Players.

1) Greg Maddux
2) Matt Clement
3) Tim Hudson
4) Jason Kendall
5) Todd Walker

These are not who I feel is the best in the Majors, just my 5 favorite players.

Cubs Sweep Series in San Diego

I think that looking at the 3 scheduled starters we had for the series in SD, most people would have said you were nuts if you told them the Cubs were going to take 2 out of 3, let alone sweep. The Cubs however did sweep, led by the mighty Jose Macias. Dave was very worried when Macias was even called up. He said that he was crossing his fingers that Macias would never have to bat. Well folks, Macias helped win this series for the Cubs and has filled in marvelously for the injured Todd Walker. Now, the Cubs are off to San Francisco. I am curious to see how Dusty pitches Bonds. I think he will go at him. It's his old team, and Dusty will want to really beat them.

NBA Playoffs

I watched the Kings/Timberwolves game 6 today. It was a good game. I am pulling for the Kings, even though I really do not follow the NBA that much. I used to when I was a kid in Chicago. I was a huge Bulls fan. Now I just don't like the attitudes of the players in the NBA. That's why I watch College basketball. Anyways, in the game, Garnett got into a fight with Anthony Peeler. Peeler was ejected and Garnett had nothing happen to him. In my opinion, that was crap. I like Garnett, but he should have gotten a T or should have been ejected.

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