Tuesday, May 11, 2004  
I need a fix

Pray for me. I am an addict and I need help.
When I'm out with my wife, all I think about is my addiction.
When I'm at work, all I think about is my addiction.
When I have time, I blow all of it on my addiction. I stay up far too late, my head far from the real world. I blow off my responsibilities. I forget to pay bills. When I wake up the next morning I'm groggy, I have a headache, and all I can think about is my addiction.

I am addicted to Out of the Park Baseball. It's a text-based computer baseball game which features coach and scout hiring, full minor league management, in-game management, career mode, prospect management, contract negotiations, Hall of Fame Inductions, record keeping, budget balancing. It's all the things I imagine I can do better than Jim Hendry, but without the pesky media bothering me.

If you are considering playing it and you have a job, a family, a hobby, or you enjoy seeing the sun, I don't recommend this game. If you neither have nor want any of the aforementioned, pick it up. It's pretty neat.

Just don't come running to me when you're strung out, junkie.

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