Monday, May 10, 2004  
I still hate Corey Patterson

Alright, before I start my ranting and complaining, I want to start this post on a different subject matter. Actually, it will probably be a lot of meaningless rambling, but for some reason I am just in the mood to sit down and write. Sorry if I bore you, but hopefully if you are here in the first place, you don't get bored by this site.

So, first off, blogger has launched their "new site". One of the features that is that is available is comments. No longer do we need to use outside commenting services. This may not seem like that big of a deal to some people, but I am a little bummed about one particular thing with the new comment option. In other comment services, it had commenters post their name, e-mail address, and website address if they had one. This blogger one does not. So, if you are reading this, please leave comments as much as you want, but be sure you sign them at the end. Other than that, I haven't really noticed too many "new" things about blogger other than the snazzy new layout.

Next order of business. I have been debating over this for about 3 days now. I think that the pick to click contest has not worked out as well as I would have liked. As a result, I am canceling it. Feel free to still leave predictions in my comments about the upcoming games, but do to the lack of CONSISTENT interest in the game, it has been canceled. Thanks to everyone who did play. I am always trying to think of new things to do, so if you think of something, please let me know.

Now, about the Cubs. I am growing very tired of watching Corey Patterson play without his brain. While this may lead to more stolen bases due to the lack of however many ounces a brain weighs, it does not make for smart baseball. He swings at everything that is thrown his way. Sunday he had an At Bat in which he struck out swinging on 3 pitches. All of those pitches should have been called balls, but he decided to swing at each of them and miss all three. Good Job Moron!!! I wish we would trade him now. Take his money and sign my boy Clement to a long term deal.

Yesterday, I got a comment from a former writer, Keenan Laraway. I would link to his site, but I forget what the address is. He said that I shouldn't be complaining about Patterson because he is just a kid. True, but so is Albert Pujols and he is a potential league MVP. Patterson was hyped and hyped by everyone as this total package. The 5 tool player. He can hit, run, field, etc. Yes, he can do all of those. But not one of them does he dominate or even excel in. Wake up people, we have on our hands an average Major League ballplayer who was supposed to be the franchise position player. Trade him now before he turns into Brant Brown.

That's all for today. Sorry about no more pick to click. Let me know all about what you think of Patterson on the comments.

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