Sunday, May 30, 2004  
It's Two, Two, Two sites in one

I am very excited to announce that Dave and I have been offered the opportunity to write for Most Valuable Network. Now don't be afraid. The View From The Bleachers is not going anywhere. I wouldn't want to lose our few fans. This site will continue to try to bring amusing and humorous content to you, while Cubbies Corner (man, I hope we can get THAT name changed) will bring game recaps and other Cubs commentary. Each game we write a recap for, we will put a link to it on this site in the post somewhere. Feel free to check it out.

The reason we have decided to go with MVN as well, is because it offers us a wider chance of getting our content noticed. No matter what anyone says, they would love to "do this for a living". It would be so much fun being a real life "Cub Reporter". Who knows.

Game Recap 5/30/04

The Franchise pitching in Iowa

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