Saturday, May 15, 2004  
Maddux positively Madduxian in win

Last night Maddux showed off his best form in a 6-1 win. Everybody's Favorite Retro Cub threw 8 innings, allowing just five hits and one run. He struck out four and walked zero: a K/BB ratio so good, it's impossible to calculate. He also threw just 88 pitches -- an average of 11 per inning. He had the Padres' lineup so dumbfounded that when JoeBo came in for the ninth inning, they couldn't hit him. At this stage in his career, I'm looking for quality starts and nothing more. So when he goes out and dominates like last night, it leaves me with a warm and pleasant feeling like, in the words of Kids in the Hall, "god rubbing my tummy."

The hitters did their part against the Blister King; Sosa and Patterson homered, Alou had three hits, and Lee had two.

In the "stranger than fiction" department, Hammerin' Jose Macias had three hits (two of them triples), and three RBI. This banner day brings him up to a .688 OPS for the season, which is right on his career mark of .681. Zero walks in 32 plate appearances gives him an Ordonez-like 82 in 1427 total plate appearances (.057 bb/pa for Macias, .057 for Ordonez). The two triples run his extra base hit count on the year to...two. I expect he'll have three or four more games like that this year, surrounded by many, many, many hitless games.

I did a search on ESPN's website for the last name Ordonez and was greeted with a chilling sight: the second of the two names listed was,

Ordonez, Rey, Chicago Cubs

Rey has a career .602 OPS, so pray for Macias to stay healthy or the Out King will take his roster spot. However, in my search to find something nice to say about him, I dug up this nugget:
In the last 3 years he has 8 hits in 27 at-bats, with five doubles and 3 BB, against St. Louis. That gives him an .848 OPS against the hated Cardinals. It means nothing, because it doesn't show who he's faced, when, and where, and it's a 30 plate appearance sample, but it's sure fun to imagine Rey getting called up for a St. Louis series, beating the snot out of them, and then never coming back to the majors.

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