Monday, May 03, 2004  
Pick to Click for Tuesday vs Arizona

Here are the picks for today. Leave yours in the comment section. Tell people about this contest to make it popular. Just leave your first and last name (make sure you leave your last name) or come up with a creative name for yourself (use the same one each day) and e-mail address in the comment section along with your pick for the day. Remember, this competition is for prizes at the end of the year, so get your pick in EVERY GAME!!!!!

Today's Picks

Joe: Sergio Mitre (yes, you read that right. I am picking Mitre)
Dave: Sammy Sosa
Shaun: Aramis Ramirez
D-Trick: Michael Barrett
Brian Hipp: Sammy Sosa
Scott Lange: Derrek Lee
Lance: Corey Patterson
B-Mac: Derrek Lee

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