Monday, May 17, 2004  
That makes Dusty Snow White and Tony LaRussa the wicked witch

From the Chicago Tribune:
When Mark Grudzielanek was with the Cubs in St. Louis two weeks ago, some clubhouse jokers removed his name from his locker and inserted the word "Grumpy." Now that the Cubs have a "Sneezy" and a "Grumpy," the remaining players to be named are "Doc," "Happy," "Bashful," "Sleepy" and "Dopey."

That leaves a window open for bloggers to assign the missing dwarf names to current Cubs. The challenge has been issued!
Sneezy: Samuel Peralta Sosa (formerly "Corky.")
Grumpy: Mark Grudzielanek
Doc: Prior (for his surgical precision on the mound)
Happy: Tom Goodwin (happy just to have a job)
Bashful: Greg Maddux
Sleepy: Paul Bako (at least he plays as if he were asleep)
Dopey: Corey Patterson

These three dwarfs can be distant cousins of the Anointed Seven, a la Shemp with the Three Stooges:
Sweaty: Joe Borowski
Leaky: Moises Alou
Grungy: Matt Clement

More, anyone?

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