Tuesday, May 18, 2004  
That's all we get?

Since the Cubs couldn't seem to hit the ball tonight, I'm not writing about them. Instead, I'm going to write about the comeback of the ages. I'm am positive not one of you saw this game either, which makes it even more important that I share it with you.

What game am I talking about you ask? Well, it was my church softball game tonight. Our season started last Tuesday and we lost that game. We were missing a lot of players and had to play with 9 instead of 10 last week. We ended up losing 16-6 in a slaughter rule shortened game. I sucked at the plate. I went 0-2 with a pop out, foul out, and a base on balls. I played a flawless first base however.

Tonight we had two games on the schedule. Both games were against really tough teams. In the first game, we only managed 4 runs and lost 13-4. I went 1-3 at the plate with a single. I got doubled off of first base though. It was a tough little bloop that I didn't know if it would drop or be caught. I made a choice and it was the wrong one. What can you do? In the field, an errorless game at 2b with a putout on a fielder's choice to 2b.

So you might be saying, "Where is this comeback of the ages?" Well, in game two, the bats continued to sleep. Sounds a little similar to the Cubs. We were down 9-1 going into the top of the 6th. We managed to score 4 runs that inning, one of them knocked in by me on a sac fly to center. We held them in the bottom half of the inning and then came up with top of the order in the 7th and final inning. Game over right? Heck no, we went up with a mission. Single after single came off our bats. The bats just lit up. With 2 men on and down 2 runs, we got a double that scored 2. Tie game. Then the guy before me, who is our coach and doesn't play due to "old age" came up. 2 men out and he hits a triple. Now we're winning by one and I come up with 2 down and a man on third. I lace the first pitch I see straight through the SS and 3b. Up by two. In the bottom half of the inning we get them 1,2,3. Game over. Scott's Creek Baptist Church 11 vs Ocre Hill - 9. For the day in the two games, I went 4-6 with 2 RBI's. Not bad. On the year, I am 4-8 .500 BA with 1 BB, 2 RBI's. I will update on the next game this Thursday night.

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