Sunday, May 02, 2004  
Things that bug me in baseball (part I)

Lately I have been thinking about various things that bug me in baseball. You always hear people say that every time they watch baseball, they see something that they have never seen before. I agree with that 100%. I am always seeing new things the more I watch the game. However, there are also a number of things that I see on a consistent basis that drive me insane. I would like to take the opportunity to fill you in on some of my pet peeves in baseball.

The Fake Throw to 3rd and then to 1st Pickoff Move - This has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. I have never seen it work in all my years of watching baseball, yet for some reason this move continues to be used. It seems to me that if you can't pick a runner off first base without trying to bluff a throw to third, maybe you should be working on that and not practicing this dumb move. Pitchers must practice this move before they use it in a game. If I saw one of my players working on that move, I would be so angry at him. Work on things that actually work.

The reason this move doesn't work is simple. As a baserunner, you are watching the pitcher very carefully. As a coach, I taught my players to watch only the pitcher's foot that was on the bag. The second that foot moved to come off the bag, dive back. If that is what the baserunners on first and third are doing, then by the time the pitcher throws to first, the runner will have already been back. On a pickoff move, the object is to get the ball to its destination as quickly as possible. This move does the exact opposite. I wish people would just quit using it all together.

"The Crafty Left-Hander" - I hate this term. Why is it that when a left-handed pitcher reaches the age of 35, he all of a sudden becomes a crafty? What is crafty about him and why wasn't it there when he was 30? It's just a stupid term that some idiot made up and really doesn't have anything to do with anything the pitcher does.

Fans at the Game - This one can be actually broken up into some categories. At least one of them always seem to be seated right near me every time I am at a game. The first type of fan that gets on my nerves is "The Know it All". This guy knows (or thinks he knows) everything there is to know about baseball and both teams that are playing that day. They are usually at the game with someone who just sits there and listens to their constant chatter about everything they know. That person usually just smiles and nods their head. I often think that they must be annoyed, but more often than not, they are actually asking questions. Sometimes I wish I had my computer with me at the games so that I could look up all of the stats that the fan seems to be pulling out of his butt and call him out on them.

The second type of fan that drives me nuts is annoying kids. Now don't get me wrong. I love kids and I love to see them at the ballpark. What drives me nuts are the kids that obviously are not into baseball, but are brought there by their parents who feel that it is a good family outing. These kids are loud and obnoxious. They are always demanding things from their parents from the concession stand. I ran into one of these at the game I went to this year in Atlanta. This one was a Brave fan and had one of those dumb Braves foam tomahawks. He decided that waving it meant that he had to draw it way back and hit me in the head with it each time. I was sitting behind him and each time he drew it back, it hit me right on the hat. I patiently asked him to stop 2 times. He did and then proceeded to lean his head was back as far as he could on purpose to bump my scorebook every time I was writing. God that kid pissed me off. Just sit in your dang seat and watch the game.

The last type of fan that gets on my nerves is "The Professional Idiot". These are the people that have money and come to games because it is the place to be. They don't know the sport and frankly could care less about what is going on anyways. They are there to entertain or to drink. Go home and let real fans buy the tickets!!!!

That's it for now. Stay tuned. Part II is coming soon.

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