Wednesday, May 12, 2004  
Uh Oh

Houston, we may have a problem. Kerry Wood left the game last night with tightness in his forearm. I am glad it was there and not his shoulder or somewhere else. The Cubs plan on running some tests today and updating us all on his condition. We really cannot afford to lose him for any period of time. Even when we get Prior back, we're not really sure how sharp he will be. He could just come in and stink up the place for a while because we are rushing him back ASAP. I guess we just have to hold our breaths and hope for the best. Maybe this injury is nothing and Woody will be fine.

Tonight, the Cubs try to avenge a loss to the Dodgers. The game is on National TV, so it is time for my boy Clement to shine. He is gonna be lights out again. Sign him now Hendry. Trade Corey and sign Matt!!!!

Finally, I have been debating whether or not it would be "politically correct" to make fun of a particular picture on the Cubs official site for a long time. I have finally decided that I don't care if it is or not, because I do not mean any harm. If someone gets offended, leave a comment. On the Cubs site in the Roster section, when you click on Aramis Ramirez, it shows you his Mug Shot and a picture of him in the field. does this for every player. Well, if I was Ramirez, I would want my picture changed. He looks as if he is physically handicapped with Cerebral palsy. Take a look!!!

Again, I am not trying to put down handicapped people, I am just making an observation.

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