Monday, June 07, 2004  
Cubs/Cards Game 1 Recap: Inning by Inning Commentary

Top 1st
No Pujols!!!! Thank God!!! Todd Walker made a great play to start the ballgame. Who said he can't field his position very well. He's done a great job as far as I'm concerned. I love how fast Glendon Rusch works. I remember when I used to watch the Cubs game and Steve "Human Rain Delay" Traschel was pitching. It went something like this when he got someone on base. Look in, throw to first. Look in, throw to first. Look in, throw to first. Look in, throw to first. Pitch. Sometimes worse.

Glendon Rusch starts out well. 3 cards up, 3 cards down. Lets try and come out swinging today. It's a big series so lets make them pay.

Bottom 1st
Michael Barret hitting 2nd in the lineup? I like it!!! He's been hitting well, so maybe it will work out well. The Cubs go down in order. Alou is up there hackin. What else is new?

~Side Note~ For some reason, I always want to poke Tony Gwynn in the belly to see if he does the doughboy giggle.

Top 2nd
No problems for Rusch. Why didn't we bring him up instead of Mitre when Prior was hurt? I have been nothing but impressed with this guy, and he's a lefty, which we need in the starting rotation. The Cubs really need to start getting there starters some run support before they go insane. I think Lee is gonna continue his hot hitting tonight. Maybe it will start in the 2nd.

Bottom 2nd
6 up, 6 down. It is really getting crazy. Why is this team not able to get any hits? I can understand not getting runs consistently, but we're not even getting baserunners. It's nuts!!!

Top 3rd
I finally figured out who Rusch reminds me of, Barry Zito. The way he throws his curveball, it looks just like Zito's. Both have that big sweeping curveball that goes 12-6. I think those are so cool, because they just freeze the hitter.

Bottom 3rd
Why isn't this man smiling? After all, he worked the count, hit a homerun, and actually had the crowd cheer for him. Poor Corey Patterson. Maybe he's depressed. Nonetheless, the Cubs jump on top for once. Now Rusch just needs to pitch perfect for the rest of the game. He can't expect too much more help from the offense.

Top 4th
Uh oh!!! Is it possible that we can get 4 runs? I certainly hope so, or else this one is in the books. Sutcliff said that "you would expect both offenses to be able to get more than this on this kind of night, with the wind blowing out." Yes Rick, you would expect that, but have you been watching our offense lately. I expect 4 hits and 1 run.

Bottom 4th
2 outs, runners on second and third, and down 2. Corey Patterson has a shot to tie it up. Oh wait, I just said Corey Patterson. My grandma might has well have been up. Way to come through in the clutch Corey. I'm proud you're a Cub. At least Derrek Lee managed to get one of the runs in for us.

Top 5th
Good to see Rusch settle down in the 5th inning. I did notice one thing that worries me about him though. His fastball is topping out in the high 80's - low 90's, but isn't moving at all. It's like its moving through a tube it's so straight. I could be wrong, but a fastball that isn't fast and doesn't move doesn't make for a low ERA. I haven't seen him pitch much this year, so hopefully it's just tonight that his fastball isn't looking very good.

~Side Note~ TV announcers just said that Pujols will be out for this whole series. What great news for us. Maybe Cincinatti's whole lineup will get hurt too.

Bottom 5th
Glendon Rusch hits a Homerun? That's it, hit him in the cleanup spot for us. We need his offense. I wish I was at this game so I could have seen if Jose Macias took off on his own on Jim Edmonds or if wavin Wendell sent him. Either way, that was by far the worst decision I have ever seen. Edmonds is a great CF and he had all his momentum coming in. Macias was literally half way to home when the catcher caught the ball. Ridiculous!!!!!

Top 6th
I'm proud of Rusch. If I were on the mound and gave up 4 runs on back to back HR's with the way my offense had been of late, I think I would have packed it in. Rusch has battled back and has a chance to win this game if the Cubs keep chipping away. Another run or two in the bottom of the inning and we're in good shape.

~Side Note~ Rick Sutcliff made me say "What!?!?!?!?!?!" just now. He said that he thinks that deep down, if the Cubs don't win, most Cubs fans want the Cardinals to win it all, and vice versa. Rick didn't you pitch in Chicago? When did you become clueless about a great rivalry?

Bottom 6th
Cubs go down in order. You got another good inning in you Glendon? Otherwise you aren't getting a win tonight.

Top 7th
Jose Macias made a great catch in this inning. Maybe it will be a Web Gem on baseball tonight. Rusch does what he needs to do and gets another scoreless inning. Come on now offense. Get the kid 2 runs and let him win this. The 7th and 8th innings have been good to us these past two days so hopefully it continues.

Bottom 7th
I am so glad we signed Todd Hollandsworth. This guy has been a great pinch hitter, great baserunner, and a great all around surprise for us. Unfortunately his good baserunning to stretch a single to a double goes for nothing. Sorry Glendon, no win for you.

Top 8th
For some reason, Mike Remlinger makes me nervous. I'm not really sure why, because he always seems to have good year after good year. Maybe it's because in all the video games I have ever had, he has always gotten shelled each year. Video games can really mess with your impressions of players. Does this happen for anyone else? In one of my games, I had Rich Amaral on my team. He did great, and I have always liked him since. I think I have issues. Either that or I play too many games. I can't help it. It's fun playing GM. I always seem to go trade crazy. Oh, by the way. The Cubs get out of the inning 3 up 3 down. On to the bottom half.

Bottom 8th
Well, we have got one last chance now. Hawkins will probably pitch the ninth and then it's hit or get em tomorrow.

Top 9th
Good Farnsworth inning. Now it's time to step out and win this.

Bottom 9th
I hate COREY PATTERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ball bounces in the dirt and Corey swings. What is going on in his stupid head when he is seeing these pitches? Game over. Cubs Lose!!!

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