Thursday, June 03, 2004  
File this one under: Please God, you're kidding right?

I'm not really sure how many people saw this mini article in the Chicago Sun Times on May 29th, but it caught my eye, and I would like to pick it apart a little and give you my thoughts (worries).

"Rey Ordonez refused to acknowledge so early in his Cubs career that he could be a long-term solution to the dearth of shortstops in this organization."

You're kidding right? You don't think the Cubs are really actually considering keeping Rey Ordonez as the permanent "Solution" as shortstop do you? What a waste of money that would be. Granted, Ordonez doesn't make diddly squat, but he also isn't worth diddly squat.
"Cubs manager Dusty Baker is expecting the best from Ordonez, who was 0-for-4 in the first game of the doubleheader."

Excellent way to try to convince us. Tell us that we're expecting the best from him and he goes 0-4 in his debut. Way to get us excited Mr. Reilly.
"There is plenty of Rey Ordonez left," Baker said. "He's young, and I hear he was playing real good [at Iowa]. He was playing good last year in Tampa Bay [before a season-ending injury]."

Ok, plenty to think about there. First, plenty of Rey Ordonez left? How much was there to begin with if there is still plenty left? The fact that Baker feels this way makes me a little nervous about his ability to accurately assess talent in a ballplayer. Rey Ordonez is nothing more than a glorified Rey Sanchez (My Hero as a kid) with a couple gold gloves. Rey Sanchez was always looked at as a liability, and I don't see Ordonez as any different. Secondly, 33 years old is not young in sports terms. Yeah, sure this is the year of the old Farts, with Clemens pitching great, Big Unit pitching a perfect game, and Barry Bonds hitting like a man possessed, but this does not apply to pip squeak Cuban shortstops. So no Dusty, Ordonez is not young. Third, Ordonez was hitting alright last year. I'll give Dusty that, but it was in 117 at bats. That's nothing. The fact is, here are his career highs for important categories in a full season.
Stat        High        Year

Average .258 1999
Hr's 3 2001
OBP .319 1999
Slg .336 2001
Fld % .994 1999
I'm not really sure what to think. Either Dusty was caught with the questions and didn't want to hurt Rey's feelings, or he really believes this. I'm not sure which it is, but if Ordonez is the answer, I know I don't want to know what the question was.

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