Thursday, June 17, 2004  
I have a horrible disease

Recently I have acquired a horrible disease of the brain. It's one that many deal with each day. It causes you great anguish and emotional pain. It can at times cause frustration and lack of desire to move forward. While it is not usually fatal, it at times can be. Hopefully my case does not turn out to be. I will find out in the next few days. I disease I have is none other than......Writer's block.

Sorry, didn't mean to worry anyone, but when you do have writer's block, God knows you will throw anything out there that comes to mind in an effort to simply beat "the block". This seems like the least opportune time for a case of "the block", but you take like as it comes.

In other news, the Cubs now have a 5 game winning steak, with 3 wins over the Astros. It has been very nice seeing the Cubs step up to the plate and get the job done against two teams with the potential to meet up in October. As the Cubs go for the sweep tonight with Rusch on the mound, I actually feel pretty confident. I think the Cubs will come out swinging, wanting to keep the streak going with Sosa back on Friday. My prediction: Cubs - 7 vs Houston - 3

Houston Deals Hidalgo
This move surprises me a little. The Astros deal Hidalgo, obviously in a cost cutting move, to the Mets. However, what they get back is a reliever in the last year of his contract. Houston's pen is usually consistently tough so why not add someone a little better than this? Oh well, that's one less good hitter they have off the bench.

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