Saturday, June 05, 2004  
Pain in the Rector

The time has come. I am now declaring Charles Rector, TEMPORARY writer for The Reds Roundup, Public Enemy # 1 to The View From The Bleachers & The Cubbies Corner. In case you're not familiar with some of his work, please, be sure to check them out. Since taking over at the Reds Roundup, all he has done is bash the Cubs. I can understand where he is coming from. Really, I can. Myself, Dave, and every other member of the Cubs Blog Army have also been bashing them all year. We bash Corey, Sosa, Borowski, and every other person on this team that is under performing. However, there is one subtle, actually glaring difference between our writing and ole' Charlie boy's. We actually have some clue what we're talking about.

Recently, I had the good fortune of being enlightened by the latest Rector words. I have to say, they were as clueless as ever. I like his consistency with making me say to myself "What an idiot!!!" Now, before you go and write me e-mails to tell me that it's not nice to put people down, let me explain to you my reasoning.

First of all, he presents the news about Mark Prior's incident with an autograph session gone mad from one side. He does not link to his source, giving the reader the chance to see the nice things people said about Prior. As a service to you, here is the Article in the Daily Herald. Sorry your author wasn't man enough to present both sides. To defend Prior, he was lied to. He was told that there were to be 300 autographs and was never told anything about pictures. Because of that, he counted pictures as part of the autograph agreement and fulfilled the 300 he promised.

This is not really what bothered me most about his post though. It was the closing paragraph or so that made me just shake my head and wonder where he comes up with this stuff. His words must have a block quote. They are just too priceless and should be encased in the "Huh?" hall of fame.

"And in today's game, Prior revealed even more of his true lack of character when he opted to maximize the number of strikeouts he could get instead of trying to keep his pitch count low. This lead to the bullpen taking over and as we all know, the Cubs bullpen is the Cubs bullpen. And so, the Cubs lost 2-1 to the Pittsburgh Pirates."

Ok, where to begin? First, how can you say that Prior was not trying to keep his pitch count low? He went 6 full innings and only was given 85 pitches. How many pitches per inning do you want him to throw? 3? I'm sorry, but averaging a little over 14 pitches per inning, is very effective pitching for a first start back from an injury. It's effective for any start for that matter. Maybe he just doesn't understand what a quality performance is.

Also, what does it mean to maximize the number of strikeouts? So because he struck out 8 batters, that's a bad thing? It just doesn't make any sense. What other way is there to keep the pitch count low, other than to throw strikes? Is it Prior's fault that people can't hit the strikes he throws? The fact of the matter is, Charles Rector is a White Sox fan that can't stand the Cubs. The Reds are his opportunity to bash the Cubs. I hope he enjoys it while it lasts, because having a blog about a team and writing about that team maybe 25% of the time, while using the rest of the time to bash the Cubs simply shows a lack of knowledge about the team you're covering as well as what good writing involves. Period!!!!

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