Wednesday, June 02, 2004  
Robot Pitching Machine Report: Clemen Industries Models S & T

Memo from Cy Borg, Pitching Machine Project Leader
CLEMEN Industries Robotics

Models A-R disabled. Clemen S and Clemen T in active duty.

ClemenS Update:
Still our most successful model, The ClemenS pitching robot was in retirement due to worn parts over the offseason. However, lead field researcher Pettitte was able to get ClemenS up and running in tme for the season's start. He has won all seven of his decisions and has no-decisions in three starts. ClemenS has given up 2.38 runs per nine innings this year, walking 26 and striking out 76 in 64.1 innings of service. Researcher Pettitte devoted himself full-time to ClemenS maintenance for a portion of the season, curtailing his own career. Now that Pettitte is dividing his time between pitching and maintaining ClemenS, our team is concerned that the robot will break down. However, early returns on the season are extremely promising; remarkable given that the expected life span of this robot has long been exceeded and its inning meter has recently passed 4300.

ClemenT update: Intended to be an upgrade over the Clemen model S, ClemenT has shown certain design flaws that have made its performance wildly unpredictable. Despite top-of-the-line pitch algorithms, ClemenT has had trouble with release point, target identification, and target accuracy. The addition of the Chin Patch has helped significantly, but ClemenT unit still suffered occasional breakdowns. Due to recalibration of key targeting systems, this robot has been very effective this season, rivaling the performance of the ClemenS this season. It has won six decisions against three losses in ten starts, with 24 walks and 65 strikeouts. The robot's season inning meter is currently at 65.0 and shows no signs of needing tune-up.

Project goals for 2004:
ClemenS can show significant drop in performance this season and the project will still label its performance a success.
ClemenT, despite improvement, needs to maintain its current output over a full season to renew Clemen Industries' service contract for this unit with the Chicago Cubs. They are very pleased with ClemenT's performance thus far and have ordered production of a ClemenU, ClemenV, and ClemenW. Our project is staffing up to meet the Cubs' Needs.

Report Update:
ClemenS and ClemenT will be in the same place simultaneously for a Houston-Chicago game. Let us hope, for the sake of our project, that the Clemen Industries "Houston Electromagnetic Pulse Grid" project does not go on-line today.

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