Sunday, June 20, 2004  
Round two coming to an end

So far the World Series of Blogs has been a great success. Round two will be ending this Friday and the two blogs leading their poll will move on to the final round. The World Series. Good luck to those blogs.

Also, as you will notice in our last post, we passed the 10,000 hit mark over the weekend. That is just because of people like yourself that read this blog consistently. Thank you so much for getting us to the point we are. I think I speak on behalf of Dave when I say that we are both having a blast with this site and with this season. We welcome any suggestions you have for topics, site improvements, criticism, Friday Five topics, etc. We love to hear from everyone. Thanks again for 10,000. Next up, 100,000!!!

Can we put Grudzielanek at SS?

I wrote about this idea a while back. With Alex Gonzalez out, we are stuck with a platoon of Ramon Martinez and Rey Ordonez at SS. This leaves us with just an average SS in terms of batting. Why not put Mark Grudzielanek at SS and then use him as our leadoff hitter? He did an alright job last year as our leadoff hitter, so why not. Coming into this year, a big question mark for this team was going to be our defense. However, to this point our defense has been one of the best in the league. So, even though Grudzielanek doesn't play the best SS in the world, he brings a better bat to the table than Martinez and Ordonez. He would be a potential .300 hitter and a leadoff man. In return, our defense might take a slight hit. At this point though, offense is what this team is lacking. Our Starting pitching has been great this year. Their ERA as a group has been in the neighborhood of 3.50 and that's with the disaster that was Sergio Mitre starting the number of games he did. If he didn't have to be activated, it would be lower. Our pitchers deserve some runs. Grudzielanek and Walker would be a nice 1-2 punch at the top of the order. Our lineup could look like this.

1) Grudzielanek
2) Walker
3) Sosa
4) Alou
5) Ramirez
6) Lee
7) Patterson
8) Barrett
9) Pitcher

That's a line up that should be able to put some runs on the scoreboard. I think we ought to give it a try.

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