Saturday, June 19, 2004  
Sometimes I just don't understand

Today, Mark Grudzielanek was activated from the disabled list. That's a good thing. However, I just don't understand why we sent Jimmy Anderson down. Anderson was pitching decently and throws left-handed, which is always a plus. On top of all that, Dusty himself said that these next few days we would have very few days off so we would need to keep out pen strong. But getting rid of one of its members does nothing but mean that the others are going to need to get the call more.

If that was not enough evidence, let me enlighten you on who I feel should have been sent down. His name is Rey Ordonez. His current batting average coming into today's game is lower than 4 of our pitchers. He is also the 7th infielder on the active roster.

This is what I would have done. When you bring Grudzielanek up, you send Ordonez down. When you bring Wood up, you send Anderson down and put Rusch in long relief. It would add a 3rd left handed arm in the bullpen. It would also keep Anderson up long enough to keep our pen rested. I guess that is why they run the team and we just watch and criticize.

I hate our announcers

Normally I am a big fan of Steve Stone, but I swear, the more he works with "Chippy", the stupider he gets. It's like Carey's lack of intelligence about baseball seems to be seeping into Stone brain and sapping him of all his brilliant baseball knowledge. The other day, he said that the majority of the homeruns that Maddux had given up this year were because of poor location. Well obviously!!! If it was a perfect location, it would mean that the batter didn't hit it. All homeruns are due to poor location.

Then, yesterday, Stone tried to make a simple observation about the weather and "Chippy" decided that he would try to make Stone feel and look stupid. The conversation went like this.

Stone ~ "The skies are starting to get dark around Wrigley Field"
Chippy ~ "That's because it's almost night time"

I hate Chip Carey!!!!!! Quit messing up Steve Stone and ruining his chances of ever winning the Ford Frick award.

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