Wednesday, June 30, 2004  
Sometimes you just know

Coming into this game I was feeling good. Every now and then you just have a gut feeling that your team is going to win. I thought my feeling was wrong when the Cubs went down 3 after a horrible job in LF by Alou. The Cubs just kept clawing away at a less than effective Andy Pettite. Then, thanks to a gift from Biggio, my gut proved correct. Cubs win.

For some reason, the Cubs have had the Astros number to this point. I am going on record right now with yet another Beltran prediction. Here goes!! Carlos Beltran will be traded yet again before the July 31st deadline. The reason for this is because Houston is falling farther and farther out of the race. They won't be able to sign Beltran next year without difficulty, so you may see him going to another team and in return, the Astros getting some prospects and pen help.

tomorrows game is another matchup of Clemens and Clement. This reminds me of a post Dave did the last time these two hooked up this year. I feel like it would one of his best. If you do not know which I am referring to, check it out here. It's a must read.

Final Round of World Series of Blogs

Due to a computer problem of late, I was unable to get the final round of the World Series up and running. It is now time to see which blog is going to be the 2004 champion. Voting has begun. Vote early and vote often for the blog you feel should win it all. Polls close on July 14th. The winner will be announced, and an interview with the winning writer will be posted within a few weeks if all goes well. Good luck to both blogs, and thanks to everyone who has campaigned, linked, and voted. It has been a great success. Hopefully it has served the purpose of making people aware of some really good non Cubs blogs out there.

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