Friday, June 04, 2004  
The tide is turning

As much as I hate to say it, I think I am finally coming over to the dark side when it comes to Joe Borowski's fan club. In an earlier post, I said that we needed to stick with Joe because he hadn't blown a save all year. Well since then, he has looked beyond horrible. I don't know that I am officially giving up as Borowski as our closer forever, but I am offering this solution for now.

My opinion is that we need to tell Kyle Farnsworth that this is his shot at the closer's job. This is his chance. Take it or forget it. Time to rise to the occasion, because your team needs you. If he excels at the job, AWESOME, if not, then explain to Borowski that he can have a 2nd chance if he gets his ERA down and starts to show some consistency out of the middle relief role. It used to be his role, so he shouldn't have a problem going back to it. He's a fighter, and I think he would rise to the occasion. Farnsworth might also rise to the occasion seeing it as his only shot. In the end, good all around.

Take a good look at that baseball Joe, because the way you're going, soon you may not be seeing it come the 9th inning anymore!!!

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