Monday, July 05, 2004  
Baseball Fetish

We live in a world that is filled with sex. Everywhere you look, there is sex. Don't believe me? Just check out The Uncouth Sloth for proof. One of the most popular aspects of sex in todays society is pornography. People love watching other people "do it". I guess for the stars of the show, it makes them feel like they are the best in the world, even though they look like normal people. For the audience, there is just something that intrigues them. The same goes for baseball. There is nothing that makes a team feel more envigorated than winning a game on national TV, especially if that game is the final game of a sweep over your cross town rival. The Cubs gave the world a chance to watch them "do it", and boy was it exciting. I would take a game like that over porno anyday.

I was only able to watch one game of this series, due to the TV schedule, but I enjoyed the series nonetheless. I don't know what it is about Sox fans that bugs me so much, but beating them always makes me happy. I was proud of our guys for playing a good game today. With Aramis Ramirez out, and Glendon Rusch on the mound, I was a little nervous. Going into the 8th, I told my wife that we really needed to get another run, because 1 is just making me too nervous. When we brought in Hawkins in the 9th, I was worried. I really do not like him as our closer. I would like to see someone else do the job. Hawkins was money in the setup role so we should keep him there. No matter what, a win is a win, and we are now ready to face the Brewers. Sweeps are beautiful things, especially when everyone is watching. Ever "do it" in front of people? The Cubs sure have!!!

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