Saturday, July 24, 2004  
Chilling insight

From the Tribune:
"We depend, it seems, on hitting the ball out of the ballpark," Cubs manager Dusty Baker said.
That says it all. And a team which doesn't get on base a lot that relies so much on the longball is a team that will go hot and cold offensively. Which is exactly what the Cubs do. It bodes ill for the season and the postseason, which I still believe we'll see. Since the only foreseeable upgrade would be at shortstop (and that doesn't mean Alex Gonzalez clone Orlando Cabrera), I think we're stuck with them this year. But letting Walker play, finding a new left fielder and possibly center fielder, getting a shortstop who can get on base, and finding a partner for Barrett so he can play about 100 games a year to keep him from getting tired are the moves I recommend. Who? I'll theorize about that in the coming days.

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