Friday, July 30, 2004  
For Nomar I give thee...

Assuming there is a possibility of getting a shortstop who could hit, I would give up any or all of the following:

-Clement (regrettably)
-Bobbie Brownlie (yes, Bobbie Brownlie. That'd seal the deal).
-Macias (Take my scrub, please!)
-The entire sportswriting staff of the Trib.
-Lake Shore Drive.
-The Wisconsin Border (they would be suckers, but who knows...)
-Mayor Daley-any cement chunks which fall from Wrigley through 2008 (I'm sure Fenway could use some cement chunks somewhere)
-Oneri Fleita
-Dave Groeschner, Head Trainer
-Tom Hellmann, Clubhouse Manager (doesn't Yosh Kawano have any grandchildren?)
-Skip Caray
-Sharon Panozzo
-Dick Pole (I'm sure you can imagine your own picture)
-Wendell Kim
-if the Sox are entertaining thoughts of picking up Rey O-for-4-donez, advice to the contrary.
-Dr. Tightpants
-ten thousand chicago style hot dogs

PLEASE make the deal, Jim! We need help and we're STOCKED with good young pitchers! They're not doing anything to help us win THIS year, and there's nothing more unpredictable than a minor league pitcher, so pull the trigger!

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