Tuesday, July 27, 2004  
It's About Time

This is a title that applies to a numerous amount of things, the first of which is an end to the World Series of Blogs. I would like to congratulate Blue Jay Way for claiming the title this year. I hope that the contest generated new readers to all the blogs involved, as that was the purpose. There are numerous writers out there that don't get the credit that they deserve. Hopefully this helps a little.

It's been a long time since the last time I have written. You may have noticed that the site in general has not been updated as much lately. I would like to shed some light on why that is. First, I was on vacation for 10 days and was unable to even dream about getting online. I was in the middle of no where. So, no updates from me. Second, Dave and his wife were in the process of moving and as we all know, that can sap all time and energy you have. As a result, the writing here has suffered. It didn't really help that the Cubs were stinking up the joint. Hopefully that is beginning to change.

It was nice to listen to the game last night and see my boy Matt Clement get a much deserved win. I feel bad for the guy. He's in a contract year, pitching his butt off, and has no record to show for it. He will probably not get as much as a free agent this offseason as he would have if the Cubs would have given him so additional run support. Even last night, the offense only managed 3 runs, and they didn't come until the 7th. This is not what I expected for the offense this year. I really expected this team to put up at least 5 runs a game. We're not out of it yet, but if things don't change soon, we could be by September.
Anyways, on a happier note, I am in the process of writing some quick reference posts on the financial side of baseball and some confusing things. Look for them soon.

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