Wednesday, July 21, 2004  
Last Night's game was still only one loss.

Does yesterday's game break the Cubs' backs? NO! Here's why:
1) They still have a good pythagorean spread.
2) The Cards are not as good as they have appeared over the last two months. No one is. This is a run...a good streak. Nothing more. Come September they'll be sputtering.
3) In a short series, the difference between winning the division and taking the wild card becomes nearly irrelevant. IF the Cubs can make the playoffs it doesn't matter if they finish ahead of the Cards or not.
4) Up until a few days ago they led the wild card hunt WITHOUT Prior. Even if he never starts another game this year, and I think we should start preparing for that, they're still an above average team. With a bevy of prospects to trade in order to shore up the bullpen and maybe the shortstop position the Cubs could still make the playoffs.
5) If his reputation is deserved, we have just the right manager to guide the Cubs through this rough spot.

Don't give up hope. There's a lot that could still go right this year. I realize the potential psychological hit the Cubs took yesterday, but if they play .600 ball the rest of they, there's a real chance for a playoff bid. And I like Wood, Zambrano, Clement and occasionally Maddux in ANY short series.

Hang in there. We might have thought we were getting on a learjet to Winnersville, so it's a jolt to discover we're sputtering along in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. But hey, the thing still flies.

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